You’ve got Blackmail

When she discovers that her loathsome English teacher is being threatened by an unknown blackmailer, Loz gets caught up in the mystery, with consequences both comical and truly dangerous.

Twenty years ago, JT McCord jilted Molly Lawford. She survived and moved on to marry twice, but her first husband died second ran off with a hairdresser. gave up romance settled down in Tangle Butte, Minnesota, as small town reporter. Now is back the Chief of Police. His official act investigate how Molly’s thought-to-be-vanished turned buried next septic tank yard, dug by neighbor’s marauding pig. While helping unravel facts, resolve about keeping him at bay unravels, too. If she can survive couple attempts life (and maybe arm wrestle hussies for JT’s affection) might find love life’all because pig some plumbing.