Young People

Community-Based Psychotherapy with Young People offers a fresh perspective on working difficult groups of patients. Focusing the work Brandon Centre for Counselling and in London, book describes approaches techniques young people mental health problems. The is divided into three parts: Part 1: covers likely problems difficulties encountered such work. 2: services high priority people, including those who are disabled or from ethnic minority backgrounds. 3: how evaluates outcome its work, considers future other community-based organisations.The will prove essential to all professionals wanting explore different effective ways

This title was first published in 2002: Loosely divided into two sections, this book’s part includes chapters which explore young people’s identities and youth cultures relation to issues such as drug use, education dance music. In various ways, the authors examine whether there is a need rethink existing theories concepts have informed study of identities. The second volume concerned with how people experience “transtitions”, topics employment, sexuality, household formation. also raise theoretical questions on usefulness transition concept late modernity, illustrating reshaping key institutions modernity has had profound effect sorts transitions make today. addressing potential contribution that around risk society new Third Way social policy initiatives can contemporary studies.

Fundamentals of Children and Young People’s Anatomy Physiology contains the critical knowledge required to provide safe effective care young people. Emphasising application evidence-based theory practice, this comprehensive yet accessible textbook helps nursing healthcare students understand how children’s anatomical physiological systems influence disease processes treatment options differently than in adults. Highly visual, succinct comprehensive, presents an overview structure function each body system, supported by clinical applications demonstrating concepts relate practice. Fully revised reflect Future Nurse Curriculum Standards, second edition a new chapter on physical growth development, discussion social, political, environmental impacts health wellbeing, updated problems activities, more. Each includes range pedagogical tools, such as learning objectives, considerations, maps, self-assessment questions. Designed prepare for their careers delivering high-quality children settings, leading textbook: Provides information changes that leads altered state Emphasises throughout, applying anatomy physiology common conditions Offers structured approach child-related practice is essential reading students, useful reference nurses, associates, assistants, assistant practitioners, other professionals working field. All content reviewed students. If you would like be one our student reviewers, go find out