What Katy Did

“To-morrow I will begin, thought Katy.” Twelve-year-old Katy Carr desperately wants to be good. But being a wild and hot-headed tomboy, it seems so much easier start good tomorrow than does today. Even when her kind patient invalid cousin comes visit, Katy’s resolution change only lasts few hours. soon she have more in common with wished confine room perhaps forever. Will make finally able uphold promise? Author Susan Coolidge’s ‘What did’ (1872) was published by the same publisher as ‘Little Women’ Louisa May Alcott, speaks audience of people who enjoy well-written girl characters. The most recent film adaptation saw Alison Pill, Michael Cera Megan Follows (‘Anne Green Gables’), book has made its mark on popular culture too, lending name Libertines song two episodes hit show ‘Lost’. Coolidge (1835-1905) an American children’s’ author, best known for novel Did’ (1872), which inspired own childhood. She started writing after working nurse during Civil War.

‘What Katy did at school’ is a compelling tale of the intrigues life New England girls’ boarding school which attends. Her trials, adventures and scrapes are all interwoven with sense fun gently ironic good humour.