Warrior’s Refuge

Graystripe and Millie’s journey to find ThunderClan has only just begun when the pair is faced with a series of obstacles that seem insurmountable. Getting out Twolegplace alive isn’t nearly as simple expected, unfamiliarity life in wild makes it challenge for keep them both moving forward. But temporary refuge sight, conflict tribe barn cats threatens break travelers apart good!

A full-color collection of three manga adventures from the world Erin Hunter’s #1 bestselling Warriors series—never before available in color! This epic volume includes all books Graystripe’s Adventure trilogy: The Lost Warrior, Warrior’s Refuge, and Return. Set after events Warriors: New Prophecy #3: Dawn, this graphic novel adventure follows one series’ most beloved characters as he embarks on a difficult journey to return his home among Clans. Graystripe, deputy ThunderClan, has been captured by Twolegs. He longs go back forest Clan, sets off search Clanmates alongside feisty kittypet named Millie. But with destroyed, no clear path lead him, how will Graystripe find way home?

Describes the adventures of Graystripe, a former leader ThunderClan, as he struggles between staying with his adopted Twoleg family and embarking on quest to find lost feline companions.