Want to Play Trucks?

From Ann Stott and Bob Graham, the multi award-winning creator of Silver Buttons A Bus Called Heaven,comes a story friendship, perfect for any child who does not conform to traditional gender stereotypes. Jack Alex meet almost every morning in sandbox at playground. likes trucks – big ones. dolls pink ones, with sparkles. And tutus. But doesn’t want play dolls, trucks. Luckily Alex, day is saved little bit compromise easy acceptance that characterizes true friendship… What about drive trucks?

Raising secure and confident kids using best parenting practices from the past. Does it ever seem to you like these days are in control of their parents? Having a strong sense yourself as parent is key raising resilient, independent, thoughtful, solution-focused child. But over last several generations, parents have been immersed well-intentioned idea that should be child-centered rather than adult-centered. Many begun follow children’s lead insist children adapt parental prerogatives. Parental authority has come seen bad thing. The 8 keys presented this book focus on valuing your own parent; cultivating child’s character; applying discipline instead punishment; strategies motivate compliance; fostering emotional development; problem-solving; conflict management; effective communication. They will help raise self-directed who active learners, feel good about themselves, take initiative, moral compass.