Trick of the Light

An art teacher sends four of her students on a guerrilla mission. A young runner struggles to make sense his best friend’s death. health-food company adopts farcical promotional strategy. factory worker spends days applying radioactive paint watches, while dreaming future with new suitor. With keen eye for detail and rich emotional insight, Laura Elvery reveals the fears fantasies everyday people searching meaning. Ranging from tender poignancy wry humor, this beguiling collection marks debut one rising star.

A young couple abandon the urban jungle of London’s East End for a remote, mountainous corner Washington State. Chosen by Mick, who is half-American, place seems as alien moon to Rita. But she soon adjusts raising their small daughter, Frances, in broken-down cabin without electricity or water, and revels untamed beauty surroundings. She’s scared, though, wild animals howling screeching outside night. What cannot admit her fear Mick’s violent temper. Worse, perhaps, are own flashes anger at frightening losses control which leave feeling shaken guilty. Then meets Ryan, redneck poacher plants mind seed rebellion.