The Wanderer

After obscure author of strange stories, Simon Peterkin, vanishes in bizarre circumstances, a typescript, text entitled, ‘The Wanderer’, is found his flat. Wanderer’ weird document. On dying Earth, the far-flung future, man, an immortal, types tale aeon-long life as prey, hunted man; he tells quitting Himalayas, sanctuary for thousands years, to return birthplace, London, write memoirs; and writes, also, night learned was cursed with without cease, evening pub that city, early twenty-first century, gathering tell eldritch experiences undergone. Is fiction, perhaps Peterkin’s last novel, or something far stranger? Perhaps more ‘account’ than ‘story’?

The Wanderer or Female Difficulties is the tale of a penniless emigree from Revolutionary France trying to earn her living in England while guarding own secrets. Combining best elements Gothic and historical novels, this newly appreciated work an extraordinary piece ofRomantic fiction. Burney’s tough comedy offers satiric view complacent middle-class insularity that echoes Godwin Wollstonecraft’s attacks on English social structure. problems new feminism old anti-feminism are explored relationship between heroine andher patroness rival, Wollstonecraftian Elinor Joddrel, racism inherent within both French British empires exposed when disguises herself as black woman. This edition fully annotated with appendices Revolution, race relations, amusements, geography previously unpublished manuscript revealing connection Camilla.