The Terrible Tudors and

The Terrible Tudors weren’t just terrible. They were a heck of horrible bunch! What with Henry VIII and his unlucky wives, beastly Queen Bess her slaughtered suitors, even the Tudor kings queens royally rotten! So find out…*’ Why thought he’d married horse * Which terrible torture methods twisted used shocking swear words they simply loved to say How an awful axeman kept botching job foul food ate Plus there are bloody beheadings, mysterious murder, lots curious quizzes some gruesome games. History doesn’t get more horrible!

The Terrible Tudors Gives You Dreadful Details of Tudor Life For Everyone From Cruel Kings and Queens Like Horrible Henry Viii To Poor Peasants Common Criminals. Slimy Stuarts Is Full Foul But Fascinating Facts About Lousy Plague-Ridden Stuarts. Find Out Suffering School Children, Revolting Roundheads Crafty Cavaliers.

Readers can discover all the foul facts about TERRIBLE TUDORS, including why Henry VIII thought he’d married a horse, terrible Tudor torture and which shocking swear words Tudors used. With bold, accessible new look heap of extra-horrible bits, these bestselling titles are sure to be huge hit with yet another generation Terry Deary fans.