The Snow Pony

Prolonged drought has strained Dusty’s ranching family to the breaking point, but she finds consolation with her wild and beautiful horse.

Janet Stone is new in town and lonely. Stuck-up Marigold Stass has snubbed her. No one wants to be her friend — until she meets Mr. Flower, “the mad hermit of Winterfield.” Flower offers a job: helping him tame groom his wild pony, Pearl, surprise gift for adored grandson who will visit the spring. knows nothing about horses, but teaches helps turn Pearl into beautiful, glossy pet. Now she’s ready challenge Marigold. But spring Flowers are almost here. Janet’s afraid. Will lose beloved pony? alone again? Or learned how make friends keep them life…

Friendship, Adventure, and a Touch of Horsey Magic! A crisp winter ride turns into dangerous adventure for three friends when raging blizzard descends, causing their frightened ponies to spook, the riders lose way entirely. Lost within cold, white landscape, Emily, Daisy, Oliver fear they will never find home until Emily shares story mysterious snow pony. knows magical pony can help them, but how her believe don’t in magic? Friendship requires trust, these need learn trust not only each other also themselves if are ever escape together. All is little bit magic… something all about! The Snow Pony Mystery about friendship, power believing yourself. Scroll up today one click this stunning unforgettable new tale. ★★★★★ “Wonderful children’s story! And I thoroughly enjoyed it too! Such fun look at magic wonder childhood! sweet share with my granddaughter! Great read!”