The Great Jimbo Jones

Jimbo Jones wants to be a magician but at his first show he learns that rabbits have some tricks of their own!

Astute, funny, literate, politically and culturally aware; in this analysis of The Simpsons, Chris Turner, a provocative new writer, dissects the world’s favourite TV show – its genesis, past, characters influence. Bart, Homer Marge have entered lexicon iconic, global characters. Bart has highest recognition factor amongst kids UK & US, way above that Harry Potter. British voted it their programme ever. Archbishop Canterbury called ‘one most subtle pieces propaganda around cause sense, humility virtue.’ Yet Simpsons is thoroughly subversive irreverent. Bringing savvy insight to been brought publishing on politics, internet fast-food industry, Turner looks at how teh created unique two-way relationship inspiration influence with real world. From moral values Lisa environment, from consumerism Citizen Burns corporate villainy first book be written as intelligent, subversive, wide-ranging funny itself.