The Goblin and the Empty

In a time long past, in land far away, family has suffered an unspeakable loss. But lonely goblin been watching. And he knows what to do help them heal. From internationally acclaimed picture book masters Mem Fox and Leo Diane Dillon, here is rich moving original fairy tale about family, friendship, the power compassion unite us all.

George Macdonald’s 1872 classic “The Princess and the Goblin” is combined with its 1883 sequel Curdie,” more than a hundred illustrations by James Allen, Arthur Hughes, Maria L. Kirk, Jessie Wilcox Smith, Helen Stratton. Thirty of these are in full color for ebook edition. This edition unabridged but has been given small punctuation fixes sake clarity. British spellings have preserved.

Secrets abound Irene’s home. Vicious goblins plot caves below, Irene her new friend Curdie must choose who to trust if they save kingdom from disaster. In included sequel, not seen each other year, stakes higher ever reunite foil most sinister plan yet.

George MacDonald’s Victorian fairy tales transformed the genre of fantasy. His work also shaped next generation both children’s literature and modernism: C.S. Lewis regarded MacDonald as a major influence, writers diverse G.K Chesterton W.H. Auden acknowledged his significance. best known story for children, The Princess Goblin, tells lonely child princess her friend, brave miner boy, in their battle with subterranean monsters. Along this edition includes four other stories by MacDonald, well selection historical documents on works’ composition reception, tales, literary criticism.