The Black Dog Gang

With our bags full of rats, the five us began walking towards line. We’d gone only a few yards when voice sounded off to left. ‘What ‘ave we ‘ere, then?’ it said. We turned heads and say Bluey Lonnegan lifting himself up sandstone wall. ‘You’re lookin’ at Black Dog Gang,’ said Mickey. ‘No doubt ya heard us?’ The gang was Mickey’s idea. rumours – rats were coming in ships spreading disease. Then government started offering tuppence rat, so decided get stuck in. But hadn’t counted on someone getting sick. Or dad finding his chaining Mickey up. And what happened next . well, would change things forever

A peerless expert, hidden in the city, yet didn’t want to be forced into marriage by CEO of an ice mountain beauty. From then on, his luck with flowers never stopped …

‘They say a man has only dog in his lifetime, one with which he will share that special bond …’ Mario Cesare was twenty-five years old and managing game reserve the rugged Tuli Block Botswana when first took possession of shy black pup named Shilo. The attached himself to almost immediately very soon became known by locals as ‘The Man Black Dog’. Very few dogs live Africa’s big country die age, but Shilo exception proved rule. Shilo’s incredible versatility ranged from skilfully tracking hot arid bushveld retrieving wild fowl icy wetlands if South Africa. He also constant companion, devoted protector for more than fourteen Mario, had innumerable adventures together, encountering crocodiles, buffalo, lion, leopard, baboons poachers. Dog is permeated same love empathy made Jock Bushveld classic it too African story. Seldom an account revealed so much flavour life such location although over century passed since transport wagons carved their trails Delagoa Bay, scent evoked dust rain remains grey ghosts kudu elephant still melt into bush.