SilverFin: the Graphic

Since 2005, readers have traveled the world with a young man whose inquisitive mind, determination, and thirst for adventure would set him on course greatness. Now, see Young Bond in action very first time. There’s something slithering dark waters around Scottish castle. Something that must be kept secret. deadly. One power will use it, whatever cost. boy stands way. His name is Bond. James

Young James Bond, while attending boarding school at Eton in the 1930s, must battle against an insane arms dealer who, by using killer eels, is attempting to create a race of indestructible soldiers on eve World War II.

This graphic novel adaptation of SILVERFIN finds young James Bond, who attends school at Eton boarding school, teaming up with Red to investigate the mystery disappearance in Scotland Alfie Kelly, Red’s cousin. The coauthor is Kev Walker.