Rowan and the Keeper of

Rowan travels to the strange world of Maris people where he must try fulfil an ancient promise. But who can trust and is brave enough face terrors ahead? The third book in series.

When his mother falls terribly ill after being poisoned, Rowan knows that he must be the new Chooser for Keeper of Crystal and so face great challenges in order to fulfill duty. Reissue.

The secret enemy is here. It hides in darkness, fools beware! A mysterious danger threatens Rowan’s village, Rin. But who the enemy? And what strange spell that putting all townspeople to sleep? Travelers, a roaming people are friends of Rin, might be able help, but Rowan isn’t sure he can trust them. Especially since they tell him find answers Rin’s problems, must go legendary, noxious Pit Unrin, from which no living thing has ever returned.