Round and RoundThe Whippet Vanishes

Originally published in 1904 this extremely scarce early work on the Whippet is both expensive and hard to find edition. VINTAGE DOG BOOKS have republished it, using original text illustrations as part of their CLASSIC BREED series. Freeman Lloyd was an expert dogs wrote several books various breeds. This book whippet his best, much sought after by true “whippeters.” As a respected member National Whippet-Racing Club, he from wealth experience wonderful little racing/hunting dog. The consists over hundred pages divided into sixteen detailed chapters illustrated with vintage photos typical diagrams tracks, including additional gallery at rear. Contents Include: Make, Shape Characteristics. Breeding. Snap-Dog. Race-Dog. Sporting Dog. Show Companion. Training. Tracks Racecourses. Racing Rules. Management Meetings. Tables Times, Distances Weights. Rules Handicapping. Kennels. Food Clothing. Diseases. fascinating read for any enthusiast or historian breed, but also contains information that still useful practical today. Many earliest dog breed books, particularly those dating back 1900s before, are now increasingly expensive. republishing these classic works affordable, high quality, modern editions, artwork.

Could Whippet be developing his own comic superpower? The boys are heading off to the woods for an Explorers’ Camp weekend. They’d rather at home reading comics, but it should take their minds super-weird events of two weeks ago. They haven’t seen Lucy since destruction Snotticus, and Mossy’s superpower hasn’t worked then either, so maybe it’s time move on. Lake Shore must monster-free now! Anyway, with caveman-like Ted Recks (AKA “T Rex”) as camp leader will more than safe this weekend, right? Luckily Simon & help is closer they think, combined talent Telling Drawing stories about come in very handy indeed. With out-of-this-world artwork by Jan Bielecki, FREAKY FEARLESS a fun-filled series like no other!