Riding High

Ginny Thomson ist es leid, nur das ewige Betthäschen zu sein. Auf der Suche nach Anerkennung und im Bestreben, aus dem übergroßen Schatten ihrer Zwillingsschwester herauszutreten, sie in den vergangenen Jahren von Chapter des Death Raiders MC gezogen. Frustriert kehrt Texas zurück, um Ganze hinter sich lassen einen Neuanfang wagen. Doch kaum daheim angekommen, sieht mit Drohungen konfrontiert, die dazu zwingen, Kontakt ortsansässigen somit Schwester aufzunehmen. Jonathan Robin Holden, genannt Brit befindet auf Flucht vor britischen Gesetz. Im nimmt er Identität verstorbenen MC-Mitglieds Ian Quinn an. Das Leben Exil Schuldgefühle gegenüber Ian, dessen lebt, machen ihm jedem Tag mehr schaffen. Als zum Schutz abgestellt wird, erkennt er, was für eine wundervolle Frau ist, dass allem seinem Herzen sehr gefährlich werden könnte.

A new Sons of Chance story from New York Times bestselling author Vicki Lewis Thompson! There ain’t a rider that can’t be thrown. And large-animal veterinarian Regan O’Connelli was thrown hard when he discovered his fiancée with best friend. Now he’s starting life over at the Last Ranch, run by tightly knit clan. But damned if libido hasn’t perked up spirited redhead who looks lot like trouble…. Lily King is queen anti-structure. Turns out, makes running horse sanctuary challenge. Regan’s help exactly what needs—not to mention seriously sexy sparks are flying between them. she just has convince this fallen cowboy dust himself off and get back in saddle…and into her bed! Collect all three sizzling hot trilogy! Riding High Hard Home

From the co-founder of Flywheel and SoulCycle comes a story perseverance success. “Ruth Zukerman is an inspiration. She somehow had keen sense that indoor cycling was going to be huge trend she wasted no time turning it into lucrative business. I’m among legions fans who make Ruth’s class part our regular routine. Her energy, enthusiasm great playlist keeps us spinning coming back for more.” —KATIE COURIC Ruth Queen Spinning: put Soul in Fly Flywheel. Recounting pivotal moments helped launch as breakout star boutique fitness world, Riding High reminder greatest success stories often start unlikeliest places. used her heartache–at death father, end marriage, dissolution first business partnership with SoulCycle, inspiration reinvent herself. At 51, co-founded new business, highly successful Flywheel, built life she’d always dreamed of. And did all while navigating through single motherhood world unkind women, especially those wear their hearts on sleeves. prescriptive, warts-and-all journey Ruth’s evolution, offering fresh, unexpected lessons help readers recognize own potential channel passion Part confidante, mentor, pulls punches holds nothing back.