Ramose and the Tomb

”A gag was tied tightly over his mouth. Ramose fought furiously against bindings but he couldn’t break free.” Prince must expose those who tried to murder him and regain position as Pharaoh’s rightful heir. But has been kidnapped by tomb robbers. He will need more than the luck of gods get out this one.

Egyptologist Jack A. Josephson, a writer and researcher in the tradition of gentleman scholar, has achieved broad recognition as an authority Egyptian art history. His lucid investigative analyses have probed redefined limits inquiry, expanded research parameters, broadened perspectives, emphasizing undeniable contributions history intra-disciplinary framework. This volume collected essays is dedicated to Josephson by distinguished friends colleagues, select roster including eminent, established scholars field Egyptology rising stars younger generation. views critical but neglected area study, strong proponent its reinstatement academic curriculum essential component formation new cadres. The quality articles this Egyptological medley tribute honoree affirmation esteem his peers, while range subjects variety themes addressed reflect degree which he has, own scholarship, undertaken implement ideal.

Thebes in the First Millennium BC is a collection of articles, based mostly, but not entirely, on talks given at conference same name organised by team South Asasif Conservation Project, an Egyptian-American Mission working under auspices Ministry State for Antiquities, Egypt, Luxor 2012. The organisers and editors volume, Elena Pischikova, Julia Budka, Kenneth Griffin, brought together group prominent scholars to share discuss results their recent field research tombs temples Twenty-fifth – Twenty-sixth Dynasties Thebes, Abydos, Saqqara. This volume assembles current studies royal elite monuments Libyan, Kushite, Saite Periods, places them wider context. investigates such aspects as tomb temple architecture, burial assemblages, religious texts, paleography, artistic styles, iconography, local workshops, archaism, providing new perspective scholarship future exploration these topics. further enriched inclusion chapters conservation preservation representing present-day approach development archaeological sites.