Papa and the Olden Days

John Tammaro is a retired advertising executive and father of three who one day found himself torn from the life that had once formed his identity. When wife, Georgianna, faced an unknown illness requiring multiple brain surgeries, quit job to be by her side, all while grasping for any semblance meaning or hope difficulties they now faced. Financially devastated, he drifted away beliefs values lifetime anchored behavior. Frozen like deer in headlights, became unresponsive people life. Falling into state despair, began write. The essays John’s personal way reconnect family. This collection letters constitutes reflections brought him back shadows. Within these pages, conveys children heartfelt messages necessary help them not only survive, but thrive on their journey. It walk straight heart what family truly about. grew up Finger Lakes region New York, lives with wife Fairview, Texas.He marketing consultant working next book son, Jeremy. Georgianna also have two daughters, Heather Samantha, grandchildren: Austin, Bailey Colton. Publisher’s Website: http: //

As parents, we long for our kids to have family relationships that last a lifetime. But how do create an atmosphere connection on this messy journey of parenting? Messy Parenting shows you small changes can make now build lasting relationships, even when the going gets tough. By applying God’s design interdependence, you’ll be able to: strengthen encourage leadership skills, distinguish between enabling and helping, discuss without creating division, so much more.