Operation Wombat

Well, it looks like everything’s going wrong for the Angels! There’s a new principal at Boyer, who runs place more an army than school; their favourite teacher Ms Lee is on leave and her replacement, Trimbold, obviously doesn’t them. Suddenly Meg Mike are constantly in trouble. There’s no mobile phones school, time off to help with animal rescues worst of all they suspended when Foxie accuses bringing Feral ferret school. It’s Foxie’s ferret, course, but somehow he Greash have persuaded that Greens real school troublemakers! When baby wombat dumped Greens’ driveway, Angels sure behind it. There wombats Otways, so someone must brought this here deliberately. Boris, reformed former leader School Rulers gang, decides go undercover. He pretends be can find out what’s on. discover secret camp mountain, dig up scam goes way top administration! OPERATION WOMBAT ninth instalment series loved by children over Australia.

Novel for primary school readers. Ninth in a series. The Angels get new principal and teacher, Greash Foxie become the teacher’s pets. Mike Meg are busted over sneaky deeds with Feral Ferret wombats. They don’t know how what’s going on, but they that behind it up to no good. Author’s previous titles include ‘Fat Chance’ ‘Okay Koala’.

Trapped in a toy store? Sounds like mission for four furry friends. Bertie, Susan, and the Misfit Menagerie—Smalls sun bear, Rigby Komondor dog, Wombat wombat—have at long last escaped from evil Grand Master Claude’s Most Magnificent Circus are finally free to live life their leisure. But there’s something missing. Something that’s keeping them moving on. Or rather, someone. Tilda Angora rabbit—and fourth member of Menagerie—is being held captive Toddle’s Toy Emporium, massive store more impressive than even F.A.O. Schwarz. Now Smalls, gang—including sword-wielding hedgehog—must embark on quest rescue kidnapped friend, braving mean streets Hollyhoo City bratty Chrysantheum Toddle. It’s journey that will take over an actual clay rainbow, force hide among stuffed animals life-like jungle, lead soar above ground hot-air balloon—all big tasks who only recently saw there was world outside Mr. Mumford’s farm. if they’re valiant enough, they just might reunite menagerie find themselves new home.