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An American literary cult figure, Paul Bowles established his legacy with the novel The Sheltering Sky. immediate sensation, it became a fixture in letters. then returned energies to short story — genre he preferred and soon mastered. Bowles’ s fiction is orchestral composition exacting theme, marked by unique, delicately spare style, dark, rich, exotic mood, turns chilling, ironic, wry. In “Pastor Dowe at Tecaté,” Protestant missionary sent far reaches of globe place, discovers, where God has no power. “Call Corazón,” an husband abandons alcoholic wife on their honeymoon South jungle. “Allal,” boy’s drug-induced metamorphosis into deadly serpent leads violent death, but not before feels “joy” sinking fangs human prey. Here too are most famous works, such as “The Delicate Prey,” grimly satisfying tale vengeance “A Distant Episode,” which Tennessee Williams proclaimed “a masterpiece fiction.” Though shocking, Bowles’s stories possess symmetry between beauty terror that haunting ultimately moral. Like Poe, had instinctive adeptness nightmare vision. Hemingway, famously unsentimental, skilled craftsman crystalline prose.

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In this book Fowl examines the role played by three poetic texts, Phil. 2.6-11, Col. 1.15-20, and 1Tim. 3.16 in arguments of their epistles. Rather than functioning as criteria christological orthodoxy, these narrations Christ’s person work are used Paul to support various ethical positions. For Christians he addresses, stories Christ exemplars for life practice church.