The newest Sarah’s Scribbles collection from New York Times bestselling author and Goodreads Choice award winner Sarah Andersen. fourth book in the enormously popular graphic novel series, latest of comics explores evils procrastination, trials creative process, cuteness kittens, beauty not caring about your appearance as much you did when were younger. When it comes to humorous illustrations awkwardness hilarity millennial life, is without peer.

This amusing travel guide to the Lone Star State doesn’t waste travelers’ time telling them where find antiques in Hill Country, take breathtaking hikes through Big Bend, or gaze upon Alamo. Instead, it guides television fans a modern replica of Munsters’s mansion, leads nonsqueamish world’s only Cockroach Hall Fame, and points curious towards small town filled with hippo statues. Among other things, Texas is home Goliath-sized roadside attractions, directions are provided on how reach World’s Largest Six-Shooter, Rattlesnake, Wooden Nickel. The accompanying photographs maps instruct visitors get these extraordinary spots, including Best Little Whorehouse Texas, Celebrity Shoe Musuem, Alley Oop’s Fantasyland, Birthplace Fritos. A dose wacky history also included answers questions such as “Did UFO really crash into windmill northwest Fort Worth 1897? “and “What does an Abilene Kinko’s have do early retirement Dan Rather?”

This zany travel guide presents a more peculiar state than the Iowa Tourism Office might like out-of-towners to imagine. Leaving out traditional scenic trips Mississippi River bluffs and Amana Colonies, this will take adventurous traveler future birthplace of Captain James T. Kirk, home “Lonely Goat Herder” marionettes from “The Sound Music,” world’s largest Cheeto. To enhance experience unusual side Iowa, includes facts about numerous events in Iowa’s history, such as Ozzy Osbourne’s infamous bat-biting incident Jesse James’s first moving-train robbery. is depicted Roto-Rooter, Delicious apple, electronic computer, reinforced concrete bridge, Eskimo pie. The accompanying photographs maps direct travelers other fun vacation spots attractions, including butter sculptures at State Fair, annual National Skillet Throw, Hobo Convention Museum, Ice Cream Capital World, Balloon Museum.