Night Raid

The loss of British bombers over Occupied Europe began to reach alarming levels in 1941. Could it be that the Germans were using a sophisticated form radar direct their night fighters and anti-aircraft guns at bombers? aerial reconnaissance discovered what seemed rotating tower on clifftop Bruneval, near Le Havre. truth must revealed. decision was taken launch daring raid Bruneval site try capture technology for further examination. planned airborne assault would extremely risky. parachute regiment had only been formed year before Churchill’s insistence. This test men extreme limits abilities. Night Raid tells gripping tale this mission from planning stages, failed rehearsals when odds stacked against them, itself, scientific secrets thanks paras’ precious cargo – German radar. Its immense importance next stages war itself marked birth legend ‘Red Devils’.

Wartime secrets threaten one woman’s life in the latest thrilling drama from author of The Gunner Girl and English Agent. World-renowned war artist Dame Laura Knight is commissioned to paint propaganda portraits factory girls sent ordnance factories her hometown Nottingham. At first she relishes opportunity for a nostalgia trip, but when starts work on portrait two particular women, Violet Smith, co-worker Zelah Fitzlord, memories begin resurface that has spent half lifetime trying forget. an industrial conscript, wages help support sprawling family back home Kent. But working munitions also meant freedom small-town mentality, disappointment love turned sour. For Zelah, too, gun escape: dreams future were dashed carnage Plymouth Blitz, found refuge numbing repetition manual work. But, just like Laura, have something hidden, mistakes they tried leave behind with their old selves. Will night shift keep these women’s secrets, or will past explode into present change all lives forever? Praise Clare Harvey’s novels: ‘Will delight those who good wartime story’ DILLY COURT ‘An irresistible tale friendship, heartache during WW2 had me enthralled’ KATE FURNIVALL ‘Heart-warming, enjoyable full surprises, I loved it’ ELIZABETH CHADWICK ‘Clare Harvey exceptional new talent. offers stunningly realistic vision era, through intertwined loves three very different women. story brought by razor sharp dialogue, eye period details taut plot which never becomes sentimental’ RHODES ‘The Night Raid utterly compelling thrilling, characters whose stories weave together flawlessly. A sure-fire hit!’ ALEX BROWN

On a sunny May afternoon in 1917, the peace of an English seaside town was shattered when flight German Gotha bombers appeared without warning. Twenty-three Gothas had set out to attack London this first bomber raid, but heavy cloud forced them target Folkestone and Shorncliffe army camp instead. It start new phase war aimed at destroying morale British people. London’s defences were quickly overhauled face threat, providing basis for Britain’s defence during World War II. This book tells story massive Staaken ‘Giant’ raids against London.