Magnificently Secret Diary

A wonderfully written and engaging teenage memoir: read all about Jacqueline’s problems with her family, first love, school life friends. Read extracts from real diaries the stories she wrote as a teenager; learn music books loved, troubled parents’ difficult relationship. Written in usual inimitable style, this will be fascinating reading for fans, anyone who’s interested what UK was like fifties sixties.

Diaries of Hemiunu, Architect the Great Pyramid, reveal his privileged, yet dangerous, life as royal architect to Khufu. answer age-old questions about design and building pyramids, but also royal-family ‘goings-on,’ succession rivalries murder in harem…

Now available again, the first book in Robin Maxwell’s acclaimed Elizabethan Quartet: “Wonderfully juicy . Maxwell brings all of bloody Tudor England vividly to life” (Publishers Weekly, starred review). One was queen for a thousand days; one over forty years. Both were passionate, headstrong women, loved and hated by Henry VIII. Yet until discovery secret diary, Anne Boleyn her daughter, Elizabeth I, had never really met. second Henry’s six wives, doomed be beloved, betrayed, beheaded. When fell madly love with upon return from an education at lascivious French court, he already married man. While his passion great enough rock foundation Christendom, end forsook another love, schemed against her, ultimately sentenced death. But unbeknownst king, kept diary. At beginning ‘s reign, it is pressed into hands. In reading it, young discovers deal about much-maligned mother: Anne’s fierce determination, hard-won knowledge being woman world ruled despotic men, deep-seated infant daughter taken shortly after birth. journal’s pages, finds echo own dramatic life as passionate center England’s powerful male establishment, gained them, makes resolution that will change course history.