Killer Whale

The fascinating and heartbreaking account of the first publicly exhibited captive killer whale — a story that forever changed way we see orcas sparked movement to save them Killer whales had always been seen as bloodthirsty sea monsters. That all when young was captured off west coast North America displayed public in 1964. Moby Doll became known an instant celebrity, drawing 20,000 visitors on one only day he exhibited. He died within few months, but his famous gentleness worldwide crusade transformed how people understood appreciated orcas. Because Doll, stopped fearing “killers” grew love respect “orcas.”

Killer whales are the top predators in ocean, and they use their speed strenght to capture food. These same qualities help make them among most exciting performers at aquatic parks. The informative text describes killer whales’ daily life habits, both captivity wild. Forty full-color photographs reveal sleek beauty highlight its unusual physical characteristics.

Ida Corley, a troubled thirty-six year old nurse from Albuquerque is searching for her unknown half-brother, sibling she discovered by reading an letter in deceased mother’s personal effects. On deathbed, Ida’s mother had confessed teenage abortion, but the reveals different past, secret that unhinged and drove on quest to find him. Her journey takes Victoria, Canada where goes whale watching tour becomes bewildered close encounter with killer whale. He captures eye his own eerie eye, luring into new spiritual territory mystery of interspecies communication. searches Inside Passage whales act as guides, save life, open windows natural world, reach deep soul. It if these powerful mammals carried up heart Mother Nature, showed stars, then returned life. set out ended finding herself. Corley first appeared character Prairie Dog Blues, surfaced again Danny Sandoval’s lover Shelter both Sunstone Press. Along Killer Whale three novels explore power nature living creatures transform broken peoples’ lives.