Jewel Thief

William Mason is arguably America’s greatest ever jewel thief. During a thirty-year career he charmed his way into the inner circles of high society and stole over $35 million worth fabulous jewels from people such as Armand Hammer, Phyllis Diller (twice), Bob Hope, Margaux Hemingway, Truman Capote, Johnny Weissmuller even Mafia. Along seduced high-profile Midwest socialite leaving her prominent industrialist husband, nearly died after being shot in robbery, tricked both Christie’s Sotheby’s fencing stolen goods for him, was fugitive five years object nationwide manhunt, yet spent total less than three prison despite best efforts law-enforcement agencies several states well federal government. Shadowy, elusive intensely private, has been subject many magazine newspaper features, but no journalist come close to uncovering true story. Now, own words with holds barred, Nine Lives: Confessions Master Jewel Thief reveals it all, real story more incredible any reporters, detectives or FBI agents who pursued imagined.

What does a woman in her fifties do when husband walks off with younger model? A valuable string of pearls provides the ready-made answer -she sets about stealing jewellery as declaration independence. Theft more adventure than profit until golden retriever, craftsman joiner and young man threatened violence provide unexpected interests different kind for Martha Plasky. diversity crime, chaotic river cruising, some skilled wood-work hopeful apprenticeship disturb orderly domestic life riverside suburbs London. The planned career an ambitious thief is amiably thwarted by other kinds adventure. Please be warned, this book contains modicum sex but far triumphs agreeable people. David Stewart-David retired lecturer who has turned to fiction escape from footnotes.

A lush, slow-burn romance set in 17th century France, and based on the history of Hope Diamond–The Glittering Court meets Alex Eliza. Her story begins . Paris. The only daughter King’s crown jeweler, Juliette marvels at large, deep-blue diamond Louis XIV has commanded her father to make shine like sun. But Jean Pitau never cut a quite this, shaping it is risky endeavor. As spirals into depression, takes upon herself stone, with every misstep, brings family closer ruin. resumes cold, dark cell Bastille prison. Charged stealing diamond, but one chance convince him that motives were pure. If she fails, this night may very well be last. Though, death wouldn’t worst fate. Because recording Juliette’s confession RenĂ©, court-appointed scribe, man loves. RenĂ© holds his own grudge against Juliette, win back heart.