Humpback Whales

Dive into Earth’s oceans and discover the world of humpback whale! Stunning, full-color photos show these beautiful whales above water below. A range map reveals where special sea creatures can be found. labeled diagram helps readers identify flukes, flippers, more. The whale’s size, habitat, senses, threats, diet, reproduction, unique behaviors are also introduced. Plus, find out about interesting way baleen feed sounds songs that make them famous. facts page, bolded glossary terms, an index support engaging, easy-to-read chapter text. Checkerboard Library is imprint ABDO Publishing Company.

Describes the characteristics, diet, location, life cycle, and behavior of humpback whales, including why they sing how perform such acrobatic jumps.

Readers learn about humpback whales, including their life cycle, intelligence, threats they face and how we can help them.