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What if the pieces of life’s jigsaw could be rearranged in a differing pattern? How would this new mosaic appear? Could we improve picture, or it distorted by Would like what discovered, vary from our hopes and dreams? This is saga, many facets relationship, ambitions couple engaged their race up corporate ladder. It about effect these events, which compound relationship. One miserable morning, when Mike on way to his weekly confrontation with boss; he sees falls for most beautiful girl, Angie. He has never met her, yet feels that knows her well. After disastrous introduction, discovers dismay, they are set part look business at Raymonds behest, start scheme become successful director Norway. There an uneasy standoff until, Angie walks Mikes office late one evening, starts talk him. seems as though have been friends years throws completely. They form team, succeed implementing scheme, everyones delight. Initially, workplace becomes pressurised thrive atmosphere. euphoric start, more nervous reticent. The determination intensifies anxieties, seeks professional help. delve into earlier life, feelings Angie, aspirations. She accidentally while trying hypnotherapy appear shared memories past experience. Circumstances complicate matters further. On crucial trip England, hospitalized after accident; tries piece everything together, save deal, but she also extent talent acumen. disoriented person who Love all over again, huge difficulties rebuild mind. sidetracked other affairs. His recovery hastened venture by, Ibrahim, unique friendship ensues. contrast, develops, powerful businesswoman. Mike, sinks lowest ebb contemplates suicide, rescued again surprising fashion.