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”Jimmy’s Boy – Devils, Angels and Miracles ” is a first-hand account, true story describing the amazing, often terrifying, early life experiences of child blessed by God from birth with extraordinary spiritual gifts healing, visions, ability to recognize presence work demons. Unfortunately for this child, Satan was also aware how had child. And so, fierce demonic creature dispatched hell pursue torment in order impede God’s plan… consume child’s soul process. His remarkable journey began infancy continues day. Throughout his childhood, he displayed an understanding things, spoke “bright lights,” and… “evil things.” This book chronicles torments miraculous events experienced exactly as they happened. I know… because am that author “Jimmy’s Boy.”

This title examines the careers of Broadway’s major orchestrators and follows song as it travels from composer’s piano to orchestra pit.

Oh Pure and Radiant Heart plucks the three scientists who were key to invention of atom bomb—Oppenheimer, Leo Szilard Enrico Fermi—as they watch history’s first mushroom cloud rise over desert on July 16th, 1945…and places them down in modern-day Santa Fe. One by one, are spotted a shy librarian becomes convinced their authenticity. Entranced, bewildered, overwhelmed significance as historical markers one hand, peculiar personalities other, she, dismay her husband, devotes herself them. Soon acquire sugar daddy—a young pothead millionaire from Tokyo bankrolls Heroes some, lunatics or con artists others, finally become messianic religious figureheads fanatics, believe Oppenheimer be Second Coming. As ever-growing convoy traverses country fleet RV’s pilgrimage UN, wrestle with legacy growing celebrity, while Ann husband struggle strain marriage, personal journey married history thermonuclear weapons.