Extraordinary Ernie and

Ten-year-old Ernie is thrilled when he wins a contest to be trained as superhero, and although disappointed that his sidekick talking sheep, just looking at costume makes him feel heroic.

Ernie Johnson Jr. has been in the game a long time. With one of most recognized voices sports broadcasting, he is tireless perfectionist when it comes to preparing and delivering his commentary. Yet knows that some sports’ greatest triumphs–and life’s rewards–come from those unscripted moments you never anticipated. In this heartfelt, gripping autobiography, three-time Sports Emmy Award-winner popular host TNT’s Inside NBA provides remarkably candid look at life both on off screen. From relationship with sportscaster father own rise top battling cancer raising six children wife, Cheryl, including special needs child adopted Romania, taken important lessons learned passed them children. This untold story, lived after lights are turned cameras stop rolling. fans, survivors, fathers sons, adoptive parents, whose lives have touched by person needs, anyone who loves stories about handling surprises grace–Unscripted for all these.

After discovering their parents are still alive and homeland of Gerander is in danger, mouse triplets Alistair, Alice, Alex, friend Tibby Rose, have joined the underground rebel organization FIG. In quick measure, FIG orders Alex Alice go undercover Souris to infiltrate Queen Eugenia’s palace while Alistair Rose sent discover Gerander’s secret paths, which may be key Gerandans need triumph for rescue parents. Enemy spies, attacking eagles, blizzarding mountaintops seem all more challenging when there a lack good cheese available, but these four young mice respond with endless creativity determination. Cheeky entertaining, The Spies an action filled sequel first book Song Winns series, Secret Ginger Mice.