In a brilliant and ambitious thriller that combines elements of Jean Auel’s The Clan the Cave Bear Ken Follett’s Pillars Earth into riveting, multifaceted tale love, art, courage, war, Martin Walker brings to life creation an extraordinary work prehistoric cave art struggle possess it in our own time. Walker’s richly interwoven novel opens with arrival mysterious package for young American woman working London auction house. Brought by British officer, contains 17,000-year-old fragment painting left him his father, former World War II hero. fragment, significant stunning itself, is also key existence un-known may be more important history human than world-famous one at Lascaux. It triggers storm publicity commands attention French authorities all way up President Republic, who seems know about painting’s origins anyone else… As woman, government historian explore ancient province PĂ©rigord determine origins, their search serves as backdrop three compelling stories. There officer’s father lands Nazi-occupied France 1944 organize Resistance, culminating series battles prevent SS Das Reich Panzer Division from reaching Normandy beaches time repel D-Day invasion, which leads account subsequent discovery — cover-up lost its paintings. And there moving story artist painted them, he loved, culture produced first recognizable but required sacrifice creators. Filled vivid, historically accurate details imaginative re-creations life, Caves blends complex plot diverse characters seamless narrative romance, tragedy, heroism past present.

“Describes caves, including how they form, plants and animals in people weather change caves North America, of the world”–Provided by publisher.

Examines the formation of caves in ancient village Qumran present-day Israel, discovery Dead Sea scrolls and other artifacts hidden caves, what archaeological findings reveal about lives people who lived Qumran.