Can We Lick the Spoon Now?

What’s the best thing about making a cake? Licking spoon of course! worst Waiting!

Wonderful, funny junior fiction for children from talented storyteller Jack Lasenby. Ideal reading aloud, this deliciously wicked romp with Aunt Effie and her crew is guaranteed to entertain astonish. At every opportunity, the capricious takes beloved bed, enchants twenty-six nieces nephews six enormous pig dogs tall tales of beguiling proportions. Enter Mrs Grizzle, a red-haired, doublejointed magician. Nothing as it seems, we encounter edible gunpowder, monster pukekos, Pookackodiles Krockapooks, removable glass eye? How will wrap up captivating story Grizzle? And where lost treasure?

“I finished this book with my heart pounding and grateful, coffee cold smile wide crying like a baby.” —Daniel Handler The characters in Praying Drunk speak tongues, torture classmates, fall love, abandon their children, keep machetes beneath passenger seats, collect porcelain figurines. Ranging from Kentucky to Florida Haiti, these stories enact the struggle remain physically spiritually alive throughout an untamable, turbulent world. Described as author whose “voice lands somewhere between William Faulkner Stephen King” (New Pages), Kyle Minor presents dark, compelling collection of fiction showcasing talent that has earned him multiple literary honors.