Blood TiesBlood TiesBloodhound: the Legend

Ramona Koval’s parents were Holocaust survivors who fled their homeland and settled in Melbourne. As a child, Koval learned little about lives – only snippets from traumatic tales of destruction escape. But she always suspected that the man raised her was not biological father. One day 1990s, long after mother’s death, decides must know truth. A phone call leads to photograph mail, then tea with strangers. Before is interrogating nursing-home patient, meeting horse whisperer tropical Queensland, journeying rural Poland, learning other languages dealing Kafkaesque bureaucracy, all hope finding an answer. quest for identity recounted customary humour, Bloodhound takes hold reader never lets go. It moving story terrible cost war family secrets. Melbourne writer, journalist, broadcaster editor. From 2006 2011 presented Radio National’s Book Show, has written Age Australian. She author By Book: Reader’s Guide Life, Bloodhound: Searching For My Father. ‘The line questioning which subjects herself reminds me less gracious interviews more Helen Garner’s steady self-analysis…In Bloodhound, hunter prey truths taunt console.’ Australian ‘She’s shining presence world literature, here Australia right across globe…Her voice recognisable, invigorating, familiar us greatly loved.’ Garner ‘Irresistible…generous, warm fearless.’ Kerryn Goldsworthy ‘Her [Koval] accessibly forays into science DNA familial lineages, what makes we are, beautifully intertwined meditations on belonging…Readers too will be deeply shocked by atrocities outlined Bloodhound. Such shock, however, important reminder history should forgotten, books like continue being generations come.’ Books & Publishing ‘Written same jaunty, crisp but personal made so beloved as broadcaster.’ Booktopia Buzz ‘Koval penned amid secrets.’ Jewish News ‘Bloodhound at its most gripping when it explicitly pits child’s prerogative origins against everybody else’s forget or remain forever ignorant…By book’s end has, effect, synthesised absorbed these stories one story, such claims ownership place them was, this least, fascinating also somewhat disquieting.’ Sydney Morning Herald follows scent. complicit pursuit past, tries answer “what am I?”…This resonate.’ Southland Times

I. INTRODUCTION TO A LEGEND OF MONTROSE. The Legend of Montrose was written chiefly with a view to place before the reader melancholy fate John Lord Kilpont, eldest son William Earl Airth and Menteith, singular circumstances attending birth history James Stewart Ardvoirlich, by whose hand unfortunate nobleman fell. Our subject leads us talk deadly feuds, we must begin one still more ancient than that which our story relates. During reign IV., great feud between powerful families Drummond Murray divided Perthshire. former, being most numerous powerful, cooped up eight score Murrays in kirk Monivaird, set fire it. wives children ill-fated men, who had also found shelter church, perished same conflagration. One man, named David Murray, escaped humanity Drummonds, received him his arms as he leaped from amongst flames. As King IV. ruled activity predecessors, this cruel deed severely revenged, several perpetrators were beheaded at Stirling. In consequence prosecution against clan, assistance escaped, fled Ireland, until, means person life saved, permitted return Scotland, where descendants distinguished name Drummond-Eirinich, or Ernoch, is, Ireland; title bestowed on their estate. Drummond-ernoch Sixth’s time king’s forester forest Glenartney, chanced be employed there search venison about year 1588, early 1589. This adjacent chief haunts MacGregors, particular race them, known MacEagh, Children Mist. They considered forester’s hunting vicinity an aggression, perhaps they feud, for apprehension slaughter some own name, similar reason. tribe MacGregors outlawed persecuted, may see Introduction ROB ROY; every man’s course directed man. short, surprised slew Drummond-ernoch, cut off head, carried it wrapt corner plaids.