Bird Crazy

Bobbi Lawn investigates small companies her boss wants to buy. After the attractive owner of Valdez Flight School takes up in a helicopter, decides quit old job and accept new one little desert town nearby. She Eric discover they both came from bitter families have deep desire succeed on their own. They also learn vicious enemy common named Lionel Rasmussen. teaches fly while she settles into falls love with him. Valdez’ best friend scour middle night find after he fails pick an emergency shipment medicine. Defending themselves Rasmussen his minions becomes race against harsh realities desert, ingenuity madman, fears that pursue two people love.

Readers of In the Pink will gain practical, useful tips on running and starting a gay-focused business, being partners with their partners, managing gay employees, much more. also gives reader personalized help general issues such as motivation, personality, finance, marketing, planning, management from perspective. It tells you how to find mentor, apply for bank loan, market non-gay communities, whether or not your business should come out, Copyright © Libri GmbH. All rights reserved.

Offers plays by one of the world’s greatest comic dramatists in a bilingual edition.