Ben the Post-Mouse

Ben the post-mouse delivers letters to every mouse in Mouseville, but all he gets himself are bills. wishes got full of news, like other mice, so makes a plan do it. The is very clever… or it?

Who killed Eric Davenport? A senior mathematics professor at Underhill College has been found dead in his office, the victim of murder. At Underhill, a small liberal arts college with pricy tuition and pampered student body, all students are close to their professors. But least one loved Davenport deeply inappropriate fashion. Some hated him. And then there is faculty war itself. idiotic administration. twin boys who live next campus. what’s those praying mantises? The collective work Sarah Lawrence writing class 3303 – R, taught by novelist Melvin Jules Bukiet, here send-up contemporary campus life that also latest installment an inglorious literary tradition wacky fun. mayhem hasn’t stopped. Soon, library, and, from quad dorms, crime scenes crises begin multiply. wealthy alumni donor becomes alarmed. Enter libidinous medical examiner. Depicting rampant insecurities raging egos, cast characters conflicted cliques, hemp kids Ugg girls J Crew crew, Naked Came Post-Postmodernist takes us on journey some may find eerily familiar. . Already featured New York Times (“A Whodunit Committed Whole Classroom”), this first example collegiate episodic experimental fiction certain draw wide attention publication.