at oppositesDouble Trouble

The double, doppelgänger, is mostly understood as a peculiar figure that emerged in nineteenth-century Romantic and gothic literature. Far from being merely esoteric entity, however, this book argues the although it goes unnoticed, widespread phenomenon has significant influence on our lives. It an inherent key element of human subjectivity whose functions, forms, effects have not yet gained serious consideration they merit. Drawing literature, philosophy, psychoanalysis, combining personal story with theoretical interventions, Double Trouble develops novel understanding double last two centuries. begins singular narcissistic Romanticism gradually moves to multiple doubles implicated by Postmodernism. what defies unicity opens up subject multiplicity. Consequently, emerges bridge between I Other, identity difference, philosophy theory praxis.

Tiny tot twins: mummy needed! Dr Abbey Bateman is desperately hoping her new job will be a fresh start. Working alongside old medical school rival Joshua Ackles definitely wasn’t part of the plan! But now devoted single father to adorable tiny twins, and quickly loses heart this motherless little family.

“The Battle of Carthage, Missouri, was the first full-scale land battle Civil War. The two armies collided on July 5, 1861. New York Times called it “the serious conflict between United States troops and rebels.” Described are events leading up to battle, itself, aftermath”–Provided by publisher.