Alice in the Middle

Information Technology skill standards provide a common language for industry and education. It provides increased portability depending on attitude performance of the professionals. The recognizes IT education programs that build competency among students to perform best in new emerging trends Technology. like Human Computer Interactions, Biometrics, Bioinformatics, Signal Processing. So this conference is organized bring together leading academicians, experts researchers area facilitate personal interaction discussions various aspects also aims platform post-graduate research express their views about with exchange ideas from allover India. With focus Technical/research papers are invited MCA/ M.Sc (CS) / M.Sc.(IT)/ MCM following topics. * Biometrics Data Communication Security Digital Image Processing Interaction Internet Technologies Service Oriented Architecture Artificial Intelligence Its Applications

The book is intended for the undergraduate and postgraduate students of computer science engineering information technology, master applications. purpose this to introduce subject as a comprehensive text which self contained covers all aspects network security. Each chapter divided into sections subsections facilitate design curriculum per academic needs. contains numerous examples illustrations that enhance conceptual clarity. has set problems at end inspire reader test his understanding subject. Answers most are given book. Key Features • matter illustrated with about 200 figures every stage learning. list recommended books, technical articles, standards included chapter-wise An exhaustive glossary frequently used acronyms also given. based on latest versions protocols (TLS, IKE, IPsec, S/MIME, Kerberos, X.509 etc.).