A Goat in a BoatA Good Arriving

A European Odyssey is about extracts taken from my daily diary and expanded into the joys, frustrations, occasional disasters that can befall any traveler. It was written firstly for own pleasure then secondly those who would love to travel but, maybe because of ill health or family commitments, are unable do so. therefore hoped reader gets as much enjoyment this journey writer.

The Voyage of Thought is a micro-historical and cross-disciplinary analysis the texts contexts that informed remarkable journey French ship captain, merchant, poet, Jean Parmentier, from Dieppe to Sumatra in 1529. In tracing itinerary this voyage, Michael Wintroub examines an early attempt by challenge Spanish Portuguese oceanic hegemony carve out empire Indies. He investigates commercial, cultural, religious lives provincial humanists, including their relationship classical authorities they revered, literary culture cultivated, techniques navigation pioneered, distant peoples with whom came into contact. Ideal for graduate students scholars, history science describes manifold often contradictory genealogies modern world.